2009 Sheridan Vineyard La Belle Blonde

Hello friends. Here is what Jay Miller had to say about Sheridan Vineyard in the recent Wine Advocate: “TEXT WITHHELD.”

High praise indeed, and well-deserved. We have been on the Sheridan bandwagon for some time now. In December, we offered their 2006 Mystique (sold out, I’m afraid), and in March, we were the first west of the mountains to receive the 2006 L’Orage (still available; please see reorder link at the bottom of this offering). Scott manages his wines from vine to bottle, and he has a recognizable house style (unabashedly generous) that meshes perfectly with the fruit he pulls from his vineyard.

Of all the non-dessert whites in the recent Advocate, only two scored higher: 2009 Maison Bleue Marsanne, which we offered a few weeks ago, and Cote Bonneville’s (remarkably good) 2008 DuBrul Chardonnay. Both wines received 94pts, but they retail at $33 and $50, respectively.

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (Jay Miller): “($25); REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD. 93pts.”

This is a full-throttle white that falls squarely under the Sheridan house style. Exceptionally full, rich, and generous, with gobs of fat, ripe fruit swaddled in creamy barrels. Unfortunately, this wine has become extremely limited since the publication of the Advocate review, so I will need to limit order requests to 3 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. This wine should arrive within the next week, at which point it will be available for pickup or shipping during the autumn shipping window (tentatively scheduled to begin on October 11).

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