2008 Obelisco Syrah Les Gosses Vineyard

Hello friends. Price drop today on a well-reviewed, single-vineyard, Red Mountain Syrah that was already priced well to begin with. The winery is looking to blow through the remainder of the 2008 vintage, and we’re the recipients.

For the time being, that is.

I have a hold on a parcel of the remaining wine, but I have to place my final order Tuesday morning, so please try to get order requests submitted today if at all possible.

Wine Enthusiast (Paul Gregutt): “($30); [REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 90pts.”

Wine Spectator (Harvey Steiman): “($30); [REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 90pts.”

Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar (Stephen Tanzer): “($30); [REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 90(+?)pts.”

Solid trio of reviews from three men whose palates do not always align: a sign of this wine’s broad appeal, I think.

This is the rare wine in the Obelisco lineup that does not come from their estate vineyard on Red Mountain. Instead, it comes from Les Gosses (location here), a site high on Red Mountain and farmed by the venerable Hedges family.

It’s a treat to taste Red Mountain Syrah from higher up the mountain. The aroma profile is very meaty, with big roast-beef notes married to red cherry fruit and coffee bean. A beautiful bridge wine between old- and new-world styles, this presents an earthy, meaty, minerally palate. While I find that some Red Mountain Syrah from further down the slope can be a bit ripe for my taste, a bit ponderous, this is something else entirely: brisk and fresh, with real structure and appealing finishing grip.

Please limit order requests to 6 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine should be delivered in about a week, at which point it will be available for pickup or shipping during the autumn shipping window.

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