2009 Andrew Will Syrah Annie Camarda

Hello friends. I was stunned by the response to June’s offering of Andrew Will’s 2009 Pinot Noir from Archery Summit fruit. Clearly there is interest in seeing what Chris Camarda can do with smaller parcels of fruit outside his normal single-vineyard portfolio.

After nosing around a bit in the intervening months, we have another unique opportunity today. This wine has never been sold through retail channels, nor even through restaurants. Only a mere 91 cases were produced. The winery has sold a little bit direct, and we have dibs on the rest, before it hits the general market. If we want it all, we get it all.

I fancy myself something of a Washington wine know-it-all (it’s an endearing trait, I know), so it was with surprise and mild shame that I had to ask the folks at Andrew Will: “wait, there’s Syrah planted at Champoux?”


Apparently it went into the ground in 1998, so this is not exactly a new development. As co-owners of Champoux, Andrew Will gets access to all sorts of gems, including this parcel. And while Champoux is doubtless known as a Cabernet paradise, this bottle had me thinking: is there anything Champoux can’t grow?

It’s killer, terroir-specific Syrah, and it’s not quite Yakima Valley, not quite Walla Walla Valley. I guess this is a view of the Horse Heaven Hills AVA, through the prism of Syrah. Savory and sanguine were my first two descriptors: green olive, rare roast beef, and a minerally-iron note that announces this as something different. All of that wends and weaves through a core of black fruit, intense but pillowy-textured. It dances across the palate, beautiful and seamless.

No reviews for this, and none needed, I suppose: the pedigree of the vineyard says it all. First come first served up to 6 bottles, and the wine should arrive in about a week, at which point it will be available for pickup or shipping during the autumn shipping window.

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