Update: International Wines

Hello friends. Since Full Pull’s inception in autumn 2009, our offerings have come exclusively from the Pacific Northwest. On August 28, that will change, as we mark the next step in Full Pull’s evolution, transitioning from northwest-exclusive to northwest-focused. Some natural questions will arise from this change:


  • In addition to your regularly-scheduled 3-4 offerings of Washington and Oregon wines each week, we will also offer 1 or 2 carefully-selected wines from the rest of the world.
  • In order to work out the kinks of these changes with a friendly group (that would be our trusty current list members), we will be *closing the Full Pull mailing list on August 23*. Once we hit smooth sailing, the list will re-open. I anticipate the closed period will last 1-2 months, so if you have wine-loving friends who would be interested in our first set of international offerings, or in fall releases from Figgins, Reynvaan, Gramercy, Kerloo, and Avennia (among others), now would be the time to get them signed up for the Full Pull list.


  • The vast majority of international offerings will feature wines that have already landed in the United States. Do not expect months-long lead times; like our northwest offerings, international wines should arrive in the warehouse no later than a week or two after the offering.
  • Similarly, the timing of charges will remain the same. As we have always done, we will not charge your credit card until the wine has arrived in the warehouse and is ready for pickup or shipping.


  • Reason 1: You Asked. From the beginning, I have fulfilled special-order requests for many list members, for wines from all over the world. I have also received numerous inquiries, via e-mail and in-person encounters, wondering when we would expand our portfolio of offerings further. In those conversations, it has become clear to me that many of us drink wine the same way: we love to support the home team (Washington and Oregon), but we supplement that support with wines from the rest of the world. Rather than continuing to satisfy only our list’s northwest drinking habits, while sending our members into the wilds for the remainder, we want to support the entirety of our members’ oenophilic habits.
  • Reason 2: Drinking in Context. I love Pacific Northwest wines. You love Pacific Northwest wines. We all love Pacific Northwest wines. But to truly understand their place in their world, their ever-increasing quality, it’s important to taste broadly. We can appreciate Washington Syrah on a sensual level, but to achieve the nirvana of dual sensual-intellectual impact, we have to taste Northern Rhone; we have to taste Barossa. Want to fall in love with Oregon all over again? Taste Pinot Noirs from their Burgundian birthplace and bask in the incredible quality that Willamette producers have achieved in 40 years.
  • Reason 3: Chasing Value. Wineries protect their brands most fiercely on their home turf. What that has meant for us, offering Pac-NW wines while living in the Pac-NW: finding deep discounts is challenging indeed. If a Washington winery needs to blow through some stock, they’re much more likely to shuffle it off to their North Carolina distributor than to sell it in their home state. And similarly, when a Piemontese producer is ready to move onto their 2007 Barbarescos and wants to blow out their 2006s, where might they price-drop? Seattle. I’m confident that we will be able to take advantage of our list’s buying power to offer some incredible values from the rest of the world.


  • While I would love to believe that this will be a universally-hailed evolution, and while I hope that you all will join us in this next stage of the journey, I have to acknowledge that the appeal for some list members has been our exclusive focus on northwest wines.
  • If you’d prefer *not* to receive our international offerings, just shoot me an e-mail and I will opt you out (after shedding a single tear, of course).


  • You’ll have to wait for August 28 for the answer, but…
  • …let’s have a little GeoQuiz. The inaugural international offering comes from the town where my dear wife took this picture when we visited a few years ago. E-mail me your guess for the name of the town, and if you nail it, I’ll knock 10% off the TPU price. Happy hunting!

I’m sure there will be more questions that I haven’t anticipated. Please send them to me, along with any other feedback you’d like to give. And many thanks for your continuing support of Full Pull.

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