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Hello friends. Today we’re featuring three new releases from Rasa Vineyards: one wine that will be familiar to long-term list members and another two that are new additions to the Rasa lineup.

The higher end of the Rasa lineup is brutally difficult to source outside of the winery itself. Because our list has grown up with the Naravane brothers’ project and been enthusiastic supporters from the beginning, we get access to small parcels. If anyone else outside of the winery has access to these wines, I don’t know about it.

Because these are limited, I’ll keep my own verbiage to a minimum, but I will weigh in to say that I love this direction for the winery: making small-production wines from some of their best barrels from their best vineyards. These wines hit the left and right sides of the brain, lighting up intellectual and sensual receptors in turn.

It’s also worth noting that Jeb Dunnuck, who writes The Rhone Report, loved this lineup enough to include rare non-Rhone reviews in his report.

2009 Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon “Plus One” Kiona Vineyard

The first Cabernet Sauvignon from Rasa, this comes entirely from Kiona Vineyard. Planted in 1975, it sits in the heart of Red Mountain (location here). While it doesn’t have the public recognition of Ciel du Cheval or Klipsun, its Cabernet fruit is just as prized by Washington winemakers and insiders. It was raised in 50% new French oak and produced a mere 140 cases.

Review of Washington Wines (Rand Sealey): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 19.5/20pts.”

The Rhone Report (Jeb Dunnuck): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 95pts.”

2009 Rasa “Creative Impulse” DuBrul Vineyard (BDX Blend)

Last year, we blew through our allocation of the inaugural 2008 vintage after it received 97pts from Paul Gregutt in Wine Enthusiast and eventually landed on Enthusiast’s Top 100 Cellar Selections of 2011. Now Rasa is back with its sophomore effort (254 cases produced). It’s a blend of 71% Cabernet Sauvignon and 29% Merlot, and it comes again entirely from DuBrul Vineyard (location here), the incomparable site farmed by the Shiels family that seems to add an exotic fruit character to every wine it touches.

The Rhone Report (Jeb Dunnuck): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 94pts.”

2009 Rasa “In Order to Form a More Perfect Union”

Another new wine for Rasa, and another small production run (278 cases), this blends both of the vineyards above (Kiona and DuBrul) with fruit from several old-block Sagemoor properties (Dionysus and Weinbau). The result is a complex, intense blockbuster:

Review of Washington Wines (Rand Sealey): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 19.5+/20pts.”

The Rhone Report (Jeb Dunnuck): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD].  96pts.”

Please limit order requests to 4 bottles of each, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wines should arrive in 2-3 weeks, at which point they will be available for pickup or shipping during the autumn shipping window.

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