2009 Long Shadows “Pedestal” Merlot

Hello friends. I had plans for the past three days. Plans to ponder that age-old question: brussels sprouts inside the leftovers sandwich or outside?

Thanks to the fine folks at Wine Spectator, those plans were scrapped. Instead, I had to make a snap decision (brussels sprouts inside, if you must know) and spend the rest of my time trying to secure a parcel of the wine that many of you have been clamoring for: the highest-ranked Washington wine on Spectator’s recently-released Top 100 list:

Wine Spectator (Harvey Steiman): “($55); [REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 95pts.”

#11 on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2012.

We’ve written at length about the Long Shadows project before. Today we’ll keep it shorter, and focus specifically on Pedestal, which is the Merlot project with Michel Rolland, who built his reputation first in Pomerol and then as a consulting winemaker all over the world. This vintage of Pedestal is 83% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Cabernet Franc. The main vineyard sources are several of the Sagemoor properties (Dionysus, Weinbau) along with Conner Lee and Tapteil, a powerhouse site on Red Mountain.

I’ll admit: negotiating parcel size during Thanksgiving weekend is no easy task. I’m still not sure what the final number is going to be, so I’m going to set the order limit (optimistically) high, at 12 bottles. If our parcel ends up being towards the lower end of expectations, allocations may be considerable lower than that. Apologies if that’s the case, but I’d like to advocate for as accurate a picture of our list’s demand as possible. The wine should arrive in about a week, at which point it will be available for pickup or shipping during the autumn shipping window.

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