2010 Paitin di Pasquero-Elia Langhe Nebbiolo

Hello friends. I like to eat. (That will come as no surprise to those of you who have met me).

Most of the wine I drink is enjoyed with food. And so folks who don’t know me that well are frequently surprised by the character of my personal wine collection. There’s more sparkling wine than they expect. More white wines. More Gamay. And more Langhe Nebbiolo.

The common themes: reasonable prices and food-friendly versatility. If we’re going to be having a glass (or three) of wine with dinner each night, most of us are not going to be opening a $100 trophy bottle each Tuesday. Instead we turn to the tried and true, those wines that elevate meals without overwhelming them.

Like today’s offering, one of my go-to Langhe Nebbiolos for all manner of mid-week rustic dinners:

I’ll let Antonio Galloni introduce this winery (sad that Galloni is leaving Wine Advocate, but it seems certain he’ll land on his feet somewhere):

Wine Advocate (Antonio Galloni): “[TEXT WITHHELD].”

Another strength of Langhe Nebbiolo is that it’s a crystal ball for future bottlings of Barolo and Barbaresco. There’s lots of interest in 2010 Piedmont, since it was the first truly cool-and-wet vintage of the new millennium, defying recent trends towards warming. If this bottling is any indication of what’s to come, there are some beautiful, crystalline Babareschi ahead.

Aromatics of black cherry (flesh as well as pit bitters), citrus peel, and coriander give way to a palate that has to be described as baby Barbaresco. There is outstanding vibrancy, and also surprising richness (given the vintage) to the floral-blossom-inflected core of cherry fruit. This picks up momentum across the palate, rolling into a chewy finish that reminds you that this could only be Nebbiolo, resplendent with its dusty-earthy tannins and crying out to complement something delicious. For my palate, this is a bottle that punches well above its price class.

First come first served up to 12 bottles, and the wine should arrive in about a week, at which point it will be ready for pickup or shipping during the spring shipping window.

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