2010 Gramercy Cellars Syrah “L’Idiot du Village” (Syrah Blend)

Hello friends. We just got offered a time-limited chance at a wine from the Gramercy portfolio that rarely shows up outside of the winery door:

We have access to the last little parcel in Seattle, and we have to stake our claim tomorrow morning. The wine should be delivered Wednesday and available for pickup as early as next Thursday. I’ll keep this relatively short, since our stash is limited, but as usual, Greg Harrington and Brandon Moss are in fine form here, and the strengths of the cooler 2010 vintage (vibrancy, energy, transparency) are in full effect. As with many Syrah-dominated Gramercy bottles, the fruit does not play the starring role, but instead shares the stage with meat and brine and mineral, resulting in a balanced, ageworthy package.

I’m going to include several review here, starting with David Schildknecht. Schildknecht was known in his single year on the job for being something of an ascetic when it came to scores, and that’s true for the review below. But no one produces more detailed tasting notes (“savor of pan scrapings”; beautiful!), and I think this one accurately reflects the experience of the wine.

Wine Advocate (David Schildknecht): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 91pts.”

Washington Wine Report (Sean Sullivan): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. Rating: **** (Excellent).”

Review of Washington Wines (Rand Sealey): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 19/20pts.”

Please limit order requests to 6 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine should arrive next week, at which point it will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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