Phenol55 Partnership

Full Pull has partnered with Chris Abbott and Phenol55 for *optional* storage services for our list members. P55 is a full-service wine cellar less than ten minutes from our warehouse, in the subterranean basement of the Malt House in the heart of Georgetown.


  • Chris has combined cutting edge software with ideal storage conditions to create a valuable wine storage offering that stresses convenience and accessibility to your wine.
  • With our partnership, Phenol55 will pick up the wine you order through Full Pull on a monthly basis, bring it back to the P55 cellar, and enter it into your account.
  • Once Phenol55 receives your wine, they will enter wines into their members’ accounts, including full bottle photographs, wine details (producer, vintage, varietal, quantity) and professional tasting notes. P55 then e-mails an itemized list of the wines that have been entered into member accounts, and members can then see all their wines online through P55’s proprietary software. (Note: the software for browsing and selecting wine is very cool; cutting-edge for the storage trade.)
  • An important benefit for Full Pull members is accessibility. P55 is open Tuesday-Friday 11:30am-6:30pm, Saturday 11:30am-5:00pm, and Sunday by appointment.  P55 also offers in-town delivery services.


  • For full pricing information, including amenities such as in-town delivery, see P55’s pricing page.


  • To discuss P55’s services and to sign up, simply e-mail Chris at or call at 206-708-6540.  For the full experience, ask for a tour of the facilities.
  • We’ll keep a list of dual Full Pull/Phenol 55 members and will automatically transfer dual members’ wines to P55 on a monthly basis at no charge.

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