2008 Full Pull & Friends Cabernet Sauvignon

Hello friends. Today we have the latest in our series of Full Pull & Friends bottlings. I also want to share that we submitted some of our previous FP&F wines for review, and I’m expecting to see the first wave of reviews turn up in August. That should be exciting, and we’ll be sure to reoffer any reviewed wines that are still available as those reviews are published (see the bottom of today’s offer for one such reoffer opportunity along with a pre-publication review).

One FP&F wine that is no longer available for reorder is our inaugural bottling, the 2007 Full Pull & Friends Cabernet Sauvignon. That one was decimated by a ceaseless stream of reorders, and is now completely sold out. The good news: it’s sold out just in time for the new vintage:

I suspect that those of you who enjoyed the 2007 are going to dig the 08 in equal measure. 2008 is a criminally overlooked vintage in Washington due to the hype of the 2007s. It was a marginally cooler year than 2007, but still well within the band of a normal vintage (the last one you could call normal for several years, with warm/fleshy 2009 and cool/lean 2010 and 2011 to follow). I’ve heard plenty of folks suggest that the 08s will age in more compelling directions than the 07s. In my experience, it depends on the winery, but ultimately, 2008 is a lovely, lovely vintage, and its character is on fine display in this bottle.

Just to confirm, this bottle does indeed come from “Winery Alpha,” as we’ve taken to calling our inaugural FP&F winery partner (we cannot disclose their name as part of our agreement, since our price is considerably lower than anything in their portfolio). And it comes from similar vineyards to the 2007 (two of the brilliant sites managed by Kent Waliser and Derek Way for Sagemoor Farms – Dionysus and Weinbau – along with a bit of fruit from Stillwater Creek) and was raised in a similar manner (28 months in French oak, 60% new, before spending another three-plus years in bottle).

The killer nose is all Cabernet, with deep bass notes of crème de cassis and earth lifted by complexities of violet, mint, and tarragon. A sultry black streak, somewhere between tar and espresso, rounds out a complicated and inviting nose. Much like with the 2007, what I love first and foremost about the palate is the texture, which possesses tremendous density and concentration without a shred of excess weight. It still drinks quite young, with most of the fruit remaining primary, and just a few hints of dried cherry and dried blackcurrant to suggest a wine approaching a middle phase. The structure remains formidable, a wall of English breakfast tea tannins guarding a core of earth-inflected fruit. It’s classy, classy juice, with all elements well-integrated and well-balanced. Drink it now (especially with dinner), or hold a few bottles and watch this evolve in fascinating directions.

As a reminder, the 2007 Cabernet received Sean Sullivan’s highest rating in Washington Wine Report. He has not yet reviewed this 2008; hopefully soon! Please limit order requests to 12 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine should arrive in about a week, at which point it will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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