2012 La Chaussynette (Mas de Boislauzon)

Hello friends. Wines that make the cut for Full Pull offers generally fall into two camps. The first camp includes wine where we’ve done the research ahead of time and taste the wine to confirm that it’s as good as we expect it to be. That’s the majority camp. The minority camp includes wines where we don’t know much about them going in, taste them, find them outstanding, and then scramble to understand exactly why the wine is so damned good.

Today’s wine falls squarely into the camp number two:

La Chaussynette carries the generic Vin de France label, and then there’s the price point, and so I was shocked to taste this and discover an inky, intense, palate-staining beauty. It had a deep brambly nose, with raspberry and plum, fig and Kalamata olive. In the mouth, the savory/umami quality continued, married to lovely rich fruit and lifted by fine inner-mouth perfume. Long, balanced (13.5% listed alc), and absolutely delicious, my tasting note says, and that tasting note is covered with circled stars and exclamation points. In short, I was deeply impressed by this one. It reminded me of the original Lou Ven Tou we offered in terms of bang for the buck and in terms of my initially not understanding why the wine was as good as it was.

But it’s the parenthetical part of the wine name that’s important here. It didn’t take a deep dive down the research rabbit hole to learn that La Chaussynette is named after these folks, Christine and Daniel Chaussy, siblings who happen to be the sixth generation of their family to run Mas de Boislauzon.

“Mas de Boislauzon… Mas de Boislauzon…,” I thought. “Didn’t we offer Mas de Boislauzon?”

Why yes, yes we did. Way back in December 2012, we offered the 2010 Mas de Boislauzon Chateauneuf-du-Pape for $44.99 TPU, and that’s the cheapest of the Boislauzon CdPs. The tags only go up from there. In that offer, we quoted Robert Parker himself: “This 22-acre estate is on top of its game thanks to the efforts of the brilliant brother and sister team of Daniel and Christine Chaussy, who have been hitting all the high notes for the last 15 or more years…Kudos to Daniel and Christine Chaussy, who, by the way, are well-worth visiting should you venture into the northern tier of Chateauneuf du Pape where all their vineyards are located, just south of the ancient Roman town of Orange.”

More recently, here is Jeb Dunnuck, also writing in Parker’s Wine Advocate: “Run by the brother and sister team of Daniel and Christine Chaussy, this brilliant estate covers just over 20 acres in Chateauneuf du Pape, most of which are in the northern part. They produce up to three Chateauneufs in top vintages and one white. In addition, their Vin de France and Cotes du Rhone Villages are always superb and sell for a song.”

The Vin de France to which he’s referring – the one that’s “superb” and sells “for a song” – that would be La Chaussynette. I’ve seen references to it being declassified CdP. I’ve also seen references to it including some of the Chaussys Cotes-du-Rhone Villages juice from Coudoulet. It’s a little unclear, but from the palate, if I had to guess, I’d guess there’s some of each in there.

It’s a wine mostly sold to in-the-know sommelier types in Europe. Not a whole lot gets exported, but we’re lucky to have an importer here in Seattle who brings it in. The blend is about two-thirds Grenache, one-third Syrah, and possibly some dollops of Cinsault and Mourvedre. It’s a glorious autumn-into-winter wine, one that made me want to immediately begin braising some short ribs.

First come first served up to 60 bottles, and the wine should arrive in about a week, at which point it will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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