Full Pull Peak Syrah

Hello friends. Today we have the latest in a multi-year series of wonderful peak-drinking Beresan wines to be offered to our list:

2008 Beresan Syrah

Do you remember the story here? If not, it’s like this. So it’s springtime, when many of us engage in spring cleaning. And you know how sometimes when you do that, when you dig deep into an underloved corner of your closet, you find an amazing t-shirt that you had completely forgotten about?

Well, that happens in the wine trade too. There are a series of wine warehouses scattered throughout Washington, and wineries stash little parcels here and there to make fulfillment easier. I believe the one in question for this series of wines was outside of Spokane. Unsurprisingly, inventories get screwed up sometimes, vintages get confused, and little treasures get tucked away. Every now and then, a winery cleans out the closet (via a physical inventory) and finds some retro t-shirts. In this case, it began with the 2007 vintage of Merlot and Syrah (which we offered in Feb 2014) and then moved onto the 2008 vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon (which we offered in Aug 2014). Today we’re tapping 2008 Syrah, and I honestly don’t know how many more t-shirts are in this closet. We shall see…

What’s of course beautiful about this series of offers is a) these wines are being offered to us smack in the middle of peak drinking; and b) they’re being offered to us at lower prices than release. Wicked combination. I’ve said many times that Washington Syrahs often hit their stride at about five or six years past vintage. This puppy is sitting at seven years past vintage (and a classic, beautiful vintage 2008 was) and is, to me, in the early stages of its peak drinking window: a wonderful time to access any wine. An immediate gratification play.

Beresan, you may remember, is the winery of Tom and Tom. Tom Waliser does the farming, and much of the fruit comes from three estate sites (Waliser, Yellow Jacket, and Beresan Estate). Tom Glase (also of Balboa) does the winemaking. This 2008 Syrah, as it turns out, is actually 100% estate fruit from Yellow Jacket Vineyard, in the rocks. It was aged for shy of two years in French oak, about one third new, and has subsequently spent four-plus years slumbering in bottle. I wouldn’t say the nose has a classic sense of rocks funk, but there is plenty of umami character nevertheless. Black olive, dried beef, cracked black pepper, all overlaying a core of fresh and dried blueberry fruit. The palate (14.2% listed alc) is complex and delicious, with mineral tones, plenty of inner-mouth perfume, and a super-silky texture (thank you extra bottle age). It’s a bottle just now entering a fascinating phase, and should evolve splendidly for the next five years at least.

Please limit order requests to 12 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine should arrive in the next week or two, at which point it will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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