Full Pull Red Mountain

Hello friends. Today we celebrate our first Full Pull & Friends negociant offer from the attractive 2013 vintage in Washington, and it’s something of a milestone, as it’s our first varietal Syrah:

2013 Full Pull & Friends Syrah Angelas Vyd (FPF-12)

We no longer republish the full history/availability/explanation of Full Pull & Friends with each of these offers, but we now have a page on our website displaying all that info. As you’ll see on that page, seven of the first eleven FP&F wines are now sold out. Of the four with remaining stock, the 2012 Cab Franc Bacchus Vineyard (15% remaining) and 2012 Merlot Klipsun Vineyard (18% remaining) are the most likely to disappear soon. If you see any wines on that still-available list that pique your interest, please respond to this e-mail with the wine and the number of bottles you’re looking for, and we’ll enter those orders manually.

Now then, some details on this wine. This bottling comes from a partner winery we’ve worked with on five previous FP&F occasions. We’ve offered sixteen of their main-label wines, representing almost every wine they’ve produced in their existence. This is an outstanding winery, with a wonderful, skilled winemaker at the helm.

On the vineyard front, Angela’s is a site on Red Mountain owned by Efeste Winery, and it was planted in 2008 by none other than Dick Boushey, who continues to manage it. With Dick at the farming helm, we know we’re starting with pristine Syrah fruit. And this is 100% Syrah, all clone 383, which according to our winemaker “is a great clone on red mountain, emphasizing the meatier side of the grape.” To keep the focus on that meaty fruit, this is done entirely with native yeasts and aged entirely in neutral French oak for 18 months.

As you’d expect from a warm region (Red Mountain) in a warmish vintage, this is a powerhouse, perhaps the richest/most openly delicious wine we’ve put under the FP&F label. Without question it’s the darkest wine we’ve put under this label, pouring into the glass somewhere on the color spectrum between purple and black. It’s inky juice, from core to rim.

The nose begins with a core of deep, brambly berry fruit – marionberry and blackberry especially – complicated by notes of cracked black pepper and smoky/earthy peat moss. With time and air, a lovely kelpy umami note emerges. This was a note more prevalent in tasting the wine out of barrel, and it makes me think it will reappear in a more prominent role as this continues to evolve in bottle. The mouthfeel is already in a wonderful spot, offering richness (14.7% alc) and a real sense of seamlessness, an easy glide path across the entire palate. The winemaker involved here is known for non-fruit subtleties in his/her wines. Even in a warm year and warm site, these earthy grace notes shine through, here in the form of a wonderful sanguine/iron minerality that lingers on the finish.

Drink it young for its wonderful ripe Red Mountain fruit, or age it for four or five years and watch those earth tones move from supporting players to lead roles. Either way, this wine will be a great pleasure bringer. I’m proud of it (in case you couldn’t tell), as I think it compares quite favorably to some of the Red Mountain Syrahs we’ve offered at $45 and up. Please limit order requests to 12 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine is in the warehouse and ready for immediate pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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