Full Pull Value Cabernet

Hello friends. I’ve talked before about frog-kisser categories. Wines where you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. Well, “value Cabernet” definitely fits the bill. It’s the home of lean frogs. Mean frogs. And definitely green frogs.

But after kissing many a frog so far in 2015, I recently kissed a wonderful prince:

2013 Powers Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley

At this price point for Cab, I usually expect jammy fruit bombs, but this is anything but, displaying impressive surprising earthiness in the mouth. I love the rustic mouthfeel here, the big chunky tannins that are honest to Cabernet’s thick grapeskins. The finish is all chewy toothsome goodness, the tannins ripe and redolent of black tea. “Pretty damned impressive” is the last note in my notebook.

After I wrote that last note, I began the research scramble. And once I saw the vineyards involved, the quality of the wine began to make sense. I’m actually not going to reveal those vineyards here, because I know of at least one grower who would not be thrilled to see his fruit publicized in a $12 bottle. A little internet sleuthing, and you can figure it out yourself if you’re so inclined. What I will say: Powers makes three lovely single-vineyard Cabernets, and two of those vineyards are prominently involved here, making up 60% of the overall blend. All that to say: this is far from cast-off fruit.

For those of you buying for winter parties or weddings, or looking for a nice mid-week house wine, this is a fine candidate. First come first served up to 60 bottles, and the wine should arrive in a week or two, at which point it will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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