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Hello friends. This summer, wine writer Jamie Goode visited Washington for the first time. Goode, who is the wine columnist for the UK national newspaper The Sunday Express, also has a wonderful website, www.wineanorak.com. While he is not particularly well-known in the United States, his writing is excellent, and he is well-respected in Europe. If you’re looking for some end-of-year, not-much-going-on-at-work, I-want-to-extend-my-lunch-break reading, check out his entire report on his visit to the northwest (here is the intro, and here is Day 1, which will lead you to the rest of the days).

Goode has nice things to say about a number of Washington wineries, but he reserved some of his highest praise for Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen’s WT Vintners: [TEXT WITHHELD].

Quick reminder on JLT’s background: By evening (and probably a good chunk of day), Jeff is the Wine Director at RN74 in Seattle, which means he basically tastes every important wine that comes into Seattle. That gig came after previous stints at Cascadia, Wild Ginger, and Café Juanita. He has a wickedly sharp palate, and a clear point of view, honed from tasting thousands of wines for his various restaurant gigs. We’ve offered his Gruners a couple times, as well as his red blends from Stoney Vine Vineyards, but never his Syrahs. Until today.

2013 WT Vintners Gorgeous Syrah Destiny Ridge Vineyard  

Here is how Jeff introduces Destiny Ridge: [TEXT WITHHELD].

I visited Destiny Ridge way back in 2009 in harrowing weather (here’s our pic from the road to the vineyard). Jarrod and Ali Boyle do a wonderful job with this site, and JLT is expressing it beautifully through the lens of Syrah. Done with 45% whole clusters and 18 months in neutral barrel, this clocks in at 14% listed alc and offered such a soaring, floral nose that I would have sworn there was a dash of Viognier in the mix. Not so, said Jeff. That’s just how the vineyard expresses itself. Violet and rose, fresh blueberry and broken sagebrush: this really is aptly named.  Freshness is the watchword here. This hums across the palate, supple but weightless. Jamie Goode didn’t review this vintage, but as you can see, he gave the previous two vintages 94pt and 93pt reviews.

2013 WT Vintners Syrah Stoney Vine Vineyard 

[Please note: this is different than the 2013 Stoney Vine blend we offered in June; that one was predominantly Grenache.]

From Dusted Valley’s estate vineyard in the Rocks District of Milton-Freewater, and specifically from Block 2 of that site, this was done with a high proportion of whole cluster fruit (75%) and clocks in at 14% listed alc. Total production is just 72 cases, so this one is quite limited.

Jeff tries to dial in his pick date early enough that the rocks funk is a grace note, not the main player, and so this is a fascinating, different expression of rocks terroir. The nose combines marionberry fruit and white florals with subtleties of green olive and smoked ham hock. In the mouth, there is a thread of funky goodness that runs through a bowl of mixed berries. This is a really fresh, bright, vibrant example of rocks Syrah. The funk is dialed back to a complementary role, and it works beautifully.

Wine Anorak (Jamie Goode): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 94pts.”

Please limit order request to 12 bottles of each wine, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wines should arrive within the next week and should at least be available for our final open pickup day (Wednesday Dec 23), or for shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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