Full Pull Whisper Down The Lane

Hello friends. Just about a year ago today, we offered what turned into our most popular holiday-season wine of 2014. I was surprised to hear recently that the wine is still available in decent quantity. Happily surprised. It seems our local importer went long on this one, and that’s good news for all of us.

Today we’ll re-print last year’s offer, giving list newbies a chance to access this beauty, and giving those of you who already love this one another chance to reorder:

2010 Maison Sichel Margaux  

Growing up in the Philly burbs, one of the dumbest games we’d play was “whisper down the lane.” I’ve since come to learn that most folks who didn’t grow up in the Philly burbs call this game “telephone,” but I think “whisper down the lane” is much more evocative, and the rest of the country is missing out. Anyway, it’s the game where you have a line of kids. First in line whispers a phrase to the second in line, who whispers to the third, and so on and so on, down the lane, until you get to the last person, who reveals the phrase, which of course bears passing resemblance at best to the original, and which almost certainly has been studded with references scatological (when we were pre-teens) or sexual (when we were teens).

When I started thinking about today’s offer, that ol’ game came immediately to mind, because our list members are essentially getting fifth-hand information, and even that info has to be redacted. Not exactly the height of journalistic integrity, I know, but the wine is so damned good that I’m inclined not to care.

So, here’s the geography of this particular lane:
1. At the spring 2014 Bordeaux En Primeur tastings, one of the Sichel brothers…
2. …told the owner of their Seattle import partner…
3. …who told the representative of that import partner who calls on Full Pull…
4. …who told me (Paul Z)…
5. …who is now telling you…

…that today’s wine is declassified juice from world-class winery Chateau [REDACTED] in Margaux. Could something have been lost in translation at some point along the lane? Certainly. But some cursory internet research sure seems to confirm the story that I’m hearing about this one, and the wine itself is phenomenal. Basically, to get access to this wine, I had to promise not to reveal any Chateau names, and that was a deal I was willing to make. These aren’t easy wines to find in the United States. Outside of some parcels floating around the Pacific Northwest, I’m not sure anyone else in the country is selling this one.

Maison Sichel is now into its fifth generation in Bordeaux. They’ve done a little of everything over the years: negociant, distributor, merchant, exporter, owner of properties, winemaking. They’re woven into the fabric of Bordeaux, and they’re only going to put their family name on something they’re proud of. They have a few different partners in Margaux, and this bottle comes entirely from one of those partners. And it’s a damned good one. As in: a bottle will cost you multiple hundreds of dollars good.

The blend is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot, and 5% Petit Verdot (more clues!), and it comes roaring out of the gates with lovely earthy animal mushroom Bordeaux character paired to cherry and redcurrant fruit and cherry-blossom top-notes. In the mouth, it is terrific, honest Bordeaux, not overpolished but instead earthy, sultry, throwing the kind of come-hither glances that only top-notch BDX can. Tight and chewy now, this beauty’s best years are likely well ahead of it, and I plan to stash plenty of bottles away in the personal cellar. If the story on this one is true (and again, I’m in the camp of believing that it is), this is an outrageous value.

First come first served up to 24 bottles. We’ve already pre-purchased a stash of this, so it will be available for pickup during our two remaining open dates in 2015, and ready for shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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