Full Pull For A Song

Hello friends. I was all set to offer today’s wine at its regular excellent $12 price. And then, in a stroke of fortuitous timing, the winery offered a tidy little discount for those of us willing to commit to a significant quantity. And when it comes to For A Song wines, and their track record with our list members, committing to a significant quantity is not a problem.

2014 For A Song Cabernet Sauvignon
Some reminders about For A Song, since it has been awhile since we’ve written about this project. The winery grew like a sapling out of the ashes of the dearly-departed Olsen Estates winery. The Olsen family had been growing grapes in the Yakima Valley for 40 years when, in 2006, they decided to launch a winery to feature their fruit and build the brand of the vineyard. That winery, which crushed grapes only through the 2009 harvest, was terrific, and the wines produced never lacked for positive reviews. The problem was never with grape-growing or winemaking; it was always with selling. Entering a competitive market, in a recession, without a distributor, proved too great a challenge to overcome.

When Olsen Estates went out of business, all their juice, in bottle and barrel, was purchased by their distributor (Vinum), who created the For A Song label as a house brand to find happy homes for all that quality juice. Since then, the project has been such a runaway success that Vinum has kept the band together. They have Kyle Johnson, the former winemaker at Olsen Estates, making the wines, and they continue to offer extraordinary value for their respective price points.

It certainly seems like 2014 – with its rare combination of high quality and high yields – is going to allow for some really outstanding value reds, and this is a member of the vanguard, for sure. It comes from Weinbau, River Ridge, and Jones Vineyards, and it spent about a year in French oak, 15% new. Listed alc is 14.5%, and the aromatics offer an attractive mix of black plum and blackcurrant, violet, tarry asphalt streaks, and barrel subtleties of cocoa and spice. This is no-doubt-about-it Cab texturally: supple attack, tannins that emerge on the mid-palate and roll into a rustic, toothsome finish. That finish combines black tea and espresso, lingering impressively, especially for a sawbuck wine.

It’s unclear to me how long this pricing deal will be available, so no guarantees that we’ll be able to fulfill reorder requests at the [TEXT WITHHELD] price. Given that, and given how well this wine would work as a summer house red or a robust red for summer parties and weddings, let’s open it up: first come first served up to 120 bottles, and the wine should arrive in a week or two, at which point it will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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