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Hello friends. The main thrust of today’s offer will be the new-release 2012 of Scott Southard’s rare, popular Cabernet Sauvignon. But please note: we’ll also include a summertime-primed reoffer of his well-priced white at the bottom, so keep an eye out for that as well.

2012 Southard Whipping Boy Cabernet Sauvignon Lawrence Vineyard
First, some quick reminders on Southard, which has become a real favorite among our savvy list members. I was first introduced to Southard in Spring 2012 via the generosity of one of our long-time list members, and then things got really buzzy later that summer, when Paul Gregutt wrote about the winery in his great old blog, comparing early experiences with Southard to similar experiences with Leonetti, Quilceda Creek, Betz, and DeLille, among others. That attracted some attention, for sure.

Since our first Southard offer in autumn 2012, we’ve offered a full seventeen different Southard wines. Today’s Whipping Boy will be number eighteen. Is that a lot of wines from one winery? Yes it is. Do I intend to slow things down any time soon? No I do not. Our team loves the wines. Our list members love the wines. The wines remain underpriced gems. To wit, Whipping Boy, which has a history of crazy reviews (a 95pt Gregutt review in Enthusiast comes to mind, I believe for the 2010) not often seen for wines in this price bracket.

This is also a tiny-production Cabernet. Something like 50 cases total for the 2011 vintage. There’s a little more 2012 (97 cases), but the total allocation for Western Washington is bleak: 39 cases. I’ve already agitated enough to secure a majority of that, but only barely, and our hold will evaporate quickly. So this one might not be a very good candidate for reorder. It’s also the latest in a string of marvelous late-release 2012s, a vintage in Washington that continues to dazzle. The Cab comes entirely from Lawrence Vineyard, the wonderful high elevation site on the Royal Slope farmed by Scott’s cousins, the Lawrences. It was raised entirely in French oak, some new and some neutral, for about two years, and has now had nearly another two years in bottle. It clocks in at 15% listed alc.

On first sniff, this is aromatically like nothing so much as high-end Napa Cab. There’s a core of crème de cassis and beetroot, and then there are eucalyptus top-notes and these wonderful dusty tones that had me in the mind of (pricey) Rutherford Cab. In the mouth, the rich blackcurrant fruit is framed by solidly-structured tannins. There’s a real sense of scaffolding supporting all this beautiful ripe fruit. The acid is mouthwatering; the tannins robust and espressoey and, yes, dusty. And with additional hours open, the savory tones (beetroot especially, rhubarb emerging) came more to the fore. This drinks very much like a babe with years left in the tank, years of beautiful unfurling still to come.

2014 Southard White Wine Columbia Valley
Originally offered March 20, 2016. Excerpts from the original: As is typical, this wine is a blend of Lawrence Vineyard Roussanne (54%) and Stonetree Vineyard Viognier (46%). It was raised entirely in neutral barrel, and half was put through malolactic conversion, half not. Despite Viognier’s reputation for taking over the aromatics of any wine it touches, this wine’s nose is driven very much by Roussanne, with its lovely combination of peaches and smoked/salted almonds, mineral and hay. This has outstanding palate presence, offering real fruit intensity that is terrific for the price point involved. Roussanne’s savory nuttiness is here, paired to Viognier’s floral honeysuckle and ginger tones. Complex, perfumed, and heartily stuffed for a $15 white, this leaves a lingering impression of cereal grains on its long, satisfying finish.

Please limit order requests to 24 bottles total (mix and match as you like), and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wines should arrive in a week or two, at which point they will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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