Full Pull Andrew Rich II

Hello friends. This is the second in a series of three Andrew Rich offers we have in store in 2016. The first came in June; the finale is planned for October. I’ll excerpt from that June 5 offer as a reminder of how this deal went down:

[Note: I’ll also include reorder links for the two wines we offered in June down below.]

2011 Andrew Rich Malbec Alder Ridge Vineyard
Via one of our northwest dead drops, I recently received a dispatch from a hall of fame level member of Full Pull’s Vast Network of Wine Spies™. She (or maybe he? I’m not saying) was doing some consulting work for Andrew Rich Winery, and sent the following message:

Have spent month culling through inventory. STOP. Have uncovered handful of wine club gems. STOP.  Tasted six library wines over weekend and each drank well for release price. STOP. Developing glass pour strategy and thought crossed mind: great fit for FP? STOP. Would be of interest to you and if so when to taste? FULL STOP.  

I proceeded to arrange a time to meet said spy and taste a handful of wine club and library wines from Andrew Rich (as you can imagine, trench coats and sunglasses and Groucho mustaches were prominently involved). And wow, this is one hell of a spy, because it was a veritable treasure-trove of pristinely-aged, peak-drinking Washington wines. The prices were *extremely* compelling if our volume-buy was high enough, so I decided to go long, and bought in on a number of different parcels.

Andrew Rich, as you may recall, is one of a very few wineries that successfully straddles the line between Oregon and Washington. As I think of other wineries that successfully walk that tightrope, I come up with Sineann, and Owen Roe, and that’s about the end of the list. For years now, Andrew has been making expressive Pinot Noirs from across the Willamette Valley, and then a series of burlier whites and reds from carefully selected Washington vineyards. It’s the Washington wines that will be the focus of our trio of offers, including the wine we have today.

Malbec in Washington tends to be a great $30 wine to sell through winery tasting rooms, but when it sits on a retail shelf next to $10-$20 versions from Argentina, it stagnates. So I was thrilled to have the chance to purchase this one, because it’s rare to see $15 Washington Malbec period, let alone five years past vintage, let alone single vineyard. The vineyard is Alder Ridge in the Horse Heaven Hills, a site that gets plenty of heat even in a cool year like 2011 (born out by this wine’s 14.1% listed alcohol).

This is a great window into the glacial ageing pace of Washington’s 2011s. I could not believe how primary this looked and drank. It pours into the glass inky black-purple, and offers explosive aromas of boysenberry and huckleberry fruit, threads of smoke, and wonderful iron/sanguine minerality. There’s a complexity here you just don’t see in youthful Malbec. Then the palate, really very primary still, with such aching purity of fruit, such intensity. This feels like tiny mountain-grown berries have been pressed directly into your glass. I found it a completely charming example of Washington Malbec, chockful of character and pleasure, and with years of evolution still ahead.

2011 Andrew Rich Roussanne Ciel du Cheval Vineyard
Originally offered June 5, 2016, and already a steady reorder target. We have 39% of our original stash remaining. Here is the archived original.

2009 Andrew Rich Syrah Les Vignes En Face
Originally offered June 5, 2016, and we’ve already sold through two-thirds of our original stash. Just 34% remaining. Here is the archived original.

Please limit order requests to 12 bottles of Malbec, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The Roussanne and Syrah are first come first served, with no upper limit. All the wines are in the warehouse and ready for immediate pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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