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Hello friends. We have the new vintage release today of what has become our list’s mainstay Nebbiolo: the enchanting Tintero Barbaresco. To maintain our [TEXT WITHHELD] (best nationally by a couple bucks), we had to pre-buy a significant parcel, so this puppy is already in the warehouse and rarin’ to go.

2012 Tintero Barbaresco
We’ve offered every Tintero Barbaresco ever made (it began with the 2008 vintage; this is our fifth in a row), and I’m sure we’ve sold the majority of all the bottles of Tintero Barbaresco that ever made it into the US. Our list members know a good value when they see one, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that a Kermit Lynch-imported Barbaresco, at a tariff more often seen for Langhe Nebbiolos, is a fine value indeed.

The winery was founded when Pierre Tintero, a Frenchmen, moved to Piedmont in the early 1900s and married the widow Rosina Cortese, owner of a small estate near Mango (location here). Whether Tintero married under the aegis of Cupid or Bacchus is lost to the sands of time. Regardless, the estate with his name has lived on, and it’s now run by the third (Elvio) and fourth (Marco and Cinzi) generations.

Back when we accessed that inaugural 2008 vintage, here’s what the inveterately-knowledgeable Lyle Railsback (of Kermit Lynch Imports) had to say: [TEXT WITHHELD].

This clocks in at 14% listed alc and begins with a killer nose, evocative and expressive. Black cherry and rose petals, smoky minerals, menthol and cinnamon spice notes. The palate perfectly balances a trinity of fruit and mineral and leaf, and offers real approachability, not often the case for Nebbiolo, let alone Nebbiolo from Barbaresco. This is such a clear step up from Langhe Nebbiolo, too, in terms of complexity and textural polish. It’s robustly structured, with bright acid and toothsome tannins, and tasting this year’s Tintero had me in the mind of mushroom ragouts and bowls of tomato-studded polenta. When summer gives way to autumn in a few months, we’re all going to want bottles of this around.

Please limit order requests to 12 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine is in the warehouse and ready for immediate pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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