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Hello friends. I’ve mentioned this before, and it bears repeating: The true vigneron model is surprisingly rare in Washington. It is unusual to see a single person managing both viticulture (growing grapes) and vinification (making wine), and doing it all from estate vineyards. It’s a structural issue, mostly. Unfortunately in Washington, many of the places that are among the best for growing grapes are likewise among the worst for, um, living. I mean, good luck convincing a young, promising winemaker to set up shop in the Horse Heaven Hills (motto: We’re Only 40 Minutes From Prosser!). Easier to contract with a grower, set up in Woodinville, and begin enjoying that bumpin’ eastside nightlife.

Because the vigneron model is rare, they tend to stand out, and we tend to offer them. When I think of Yakima Valley vignerons, there is one name at the top of the list: Scott Greer of Sheridan Vineyard. Scott is an outstanding grower/winemaker, and he and Big John Caudill have done such a fabulous job of growing Sheridan’s mailing list and wine club over the years that these wines have become increasingly difficult to source (a seemingly endless series of huge critical reviews haven’t hurt either). I’m thrilled, then, that we have access to parcels (barely) big enough to warrant today’s offer. This pair of Cabernet-based bottlings are very much in keeping with the Sheridan house style: dense layers of delicious fruit; massive structure; incredible concentration.

2014 Sheridan Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
This is the gateway drug to the broader Sheridan lineup, offering terrific bang-for-the-buck and a lovely introduction to Scott’s style. Dark fruits abound on the nose – black plum, blackberry – mixed with leafy notes (black tea, tobacco), dark soil, and coffee barrel tones. The mouthfeel is dense and layered, the fruit and tannin rich and delicious. Those tannins really only present themselves a few seconds after you swallow; perfectly sneaky chew as a finishing kiss.

Wine Advocate (Jeb Dunnuck): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 92pts.”

2013 Sheridan Vineyard L’Orage Cabernet Sauvignon
I won’t add much here, as this one is extremely limited (I’m setting order limits at 6 bottles, but actual allocations may end up closer to 2 or 3 bottles). We’ve been offering L’Orage forever (since the ’06 vintage), and it is always a glorious mix of Cab and Cab Franc, that Franc offering its wonderful subtleties of poblano and cress and flower. This vintage is a total powerhouse, a marvel of strength, structure, and grace.

Wine Advocate (Jeb Dunnuck): “[REVIEW TEXT WITHHELD]. 95pts.”

First come first served up to 12 bottles of ’14 Cabernet. For L’Orage, please limit order requests to 6 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wines should arrive in a week or two, at which point they will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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