Full Pull Anniversary Week 2 of 5: In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen

Hello friends, and thanks for joining us as Anniversary Week continues! Full Pull launched about seven years ago (!), on October 5, 2009, and we use the occasion of our anniversary week to blast out some of our most compelling offers of the year. This is the second in a planned quintet of Anniversary Week offers.

More than a year ago now, I received the following e-mail from a very, very good Washington winemaker:

I have [REDACTED] barrels of a 2013 [REDACTED] Vineyard Cabernet blend that I made for an east coast distributor who has flaked out. It is about 75% Cab, the rest Merlot and Petit Verdot, and it has been in about 2/3 new French oak. Very high end all the way and much in the style of the [REDACTED WINE]. Do you have any interest? If we did it, I would have to have [REDACTED WINERY] and [REDACTED VINEYARD] remain anonymous. Let me know if you would like a sample.

There were some good arguments against this project. The cloak and dagger routine. The fact that the pricing wouldn’t really make sense for our Full Pull & Friends label. The idea that we’d have to make an entirely separate label for what is very likely a one-off wine.

But then I tasted the sample, all that went out the window, and my thoughts focused on one idea: our list members have to have this wine. Thirteen months later, here we find ourselves. Allow me to introduce you to the Mountain Queen, long may she reign.

2013 In The Hall of the Mountain Queen

This wine comes from a top-notch single vineyard on Red Mountain, and astute long-time readers might be able to spot a hint about which one. There are no hints about the producer, which required absolute anonymity. As the quote above mentioned, this wine was originally intended as a special collaboration with one of this winery’s east-coast distributors. The distributor reneged on the deal, and we’re the beneficiaries of this particular flake-out.

This was the first label design where we collaborated with the extremely talented Lindell Serrin (he also designed the Temporal Tempranillo label, but that project came after this one). Here is a bottle shot (front, back). The packaging is beautiful, a terrific match to the beautiful juice inside. That juice spent a little more than two years in barrel before being bottled in February of this year. It was shipped to us soon thereafter, and I’ve been checking in on it every few weeks since. The Queen has been drinking beautifully ever since about early August, but at that point, I knew I wanted to wait and offer it as part of Anniversary Week.

Just to recap, this is predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, given two-plus years in 65% new French oak, and it clocks in at 14.8% alc. The expressive nose combines black plum and redcurrant fruit, savory tones of beetroot and rhubarb, earthy peat moss, and barrel tones of cocoa powder and woodsmoke. It’s a complex, multilayered nose. The palate offers a pillowy-soft attack and a similarly supple mid-palate. Then the polished tannins begin to take over just past the middle and carry the relay over the finishing line. The finish is all toothsome tannin goodness, redolent of Irish breakfast tea. Given the track record of the growers and winemaker involved here, I suspect this will age in fascinating directions for a decade or two with no problem. But it’s glorious right now with a medium-rare New York Strip steak, if you’re so inclined.

Please limit order requests to 12 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine is in the warehouse and ready for immediate pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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