Full Pull Anniversary Week 3 of 5: Block Bubbly

Hello friends, and thanks for joining us as Anniversary Week continues! Full Pull launched about seven years ago (!), on October 5, 2009, and we use the occasion of our anniversary week to blast out some of our most compelling offers of the year. This is the third in a planned quintet of Anniversary Week offers.

Today we have the new disgorgement of one of the most well-loved wines we offer: our bubbly extra brut rosé from Block Wines, our winery-within-Full Pull.

NV Block Wines Extra Brut Rose Marchant Vineyard D.2016

Three changes to report from last year’s disgorgement:

1. We’re now printing the disgorgement year on the label (see the small D.2016 in the bottom right corner of the woodblock art?).

2. We’ve fulfilled a dream of mine from the beginning with this bottling, which was to put it in clear glass. It’s such a pale, delicate pink color, and green glass completely obscures its beauty. Here’s a bottle shot. Aw, yeah.

3. Due to the contingencies of growing Pinot Noir in a cool part of the Yakima Valley, our supply of this one is going to… erm… vary. Our parcel of D.2016 is almost exactly one-half of D.2015, so reorder prospects on this one are murky at best.

The short supply is the bad news. The good news is that the wine itself remains glorious. It comes from a single block of a single vineyard called Marchant. Marchant Vineyard is a cool-climate Yakima Valley Vineyard; just cool enough to be perfect for Pinot Noir, and that’s all they grow there. We’re pulling from a block closest to the farmhouse on the property: hence the “Farmhouse Block” designation.

Christian and Juergen Grieb are our partner winemakers for this bottling, and it really is a wonderful partnership. They’re Washington-focused sparkling winemakers, which means very little Pinot Noir (unlike in Oregon, where Pinot Noir is practically a weed at this point, it is quite scarce in our home state). I don’t think Treveri will ever have enough Pinot to do a major commercial release with it, but they do have just the right amount for our purposes.

This pours into the glass delicate pale pink and offers an attractive nose of red fruit (cherry, strawberry), wildflowers, leesy croissant, and good Pinot earth tones. Like last year, we settled on a brisk five grams per liter. This puts us in the “Extra Brut” category; drier than Brut. It drinks quite dry, but still manages to convey a real sense of richness and plumpness, deftly balanced by a mouthwatering salty-mineral/acid spine. The finish lingers nicely, offering a final kiss of bread and red fruit. This is a clean, pure, ultimately delicious disgorgement of Block bubbly. And a fantastically versatile food pairing wine: roasted chicken; shrimp and grits; all manner of salads; breakfast: it all works.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: sparkling wine is emotional currency in my house. When Full Pull started back in 2009, my wife and I developed a simple agreement. Her responsibility: supply several years of steady income and health insurance. My responsibility: keep at least one case of sparkling wine on hand at all times. It seemed like a reasonable bargain at the time, and it has served us well since. As many of you know, even our old cat, who sadly passed away since our first Block Bubbly offer (RIP Smokey Bomb!) liked the bubbly.

While in my house (and many of yours), we drink sparkling wine all year, there’s no denying that we’re entering peak-season for bubbly consumption, so the timing for this couldn’t be better. Please limit order requests to 12 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine is in the warehouse and ready for immediate pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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