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Hello friends. Tucked away at the bottom of our September offer for our new Temporal Tempranillo project was this note: this will begin as a Full Pull exclusive, and then we’ll sell whatever remains out into the broad market (mostly restaurant, maybe a little retail, maybe even a little out-of-state distribution).

Well, we’ve now reached what I could call advanced discussions with a distributor. A distributor that is very interested in this wine. So interested, in fact, that I think they’re going to take every last bottle not claimed by our list members. Before that happens – and now that many folks have had a chance to sample the wine – I want to offer y’all one last chance to access this well-priced beauty, which has proven to be temporal indeed.

2014 Temporal Vintners Tempranillo

Originally offered September 9, 2016. Excerpts from the original:

I thought about trying to keep our winemaking partner in this venture a secret, but what’s the point? You all are smart enough to know that if we’re partnering with a winemaker to make Washington Tempranillo, there’s only one person it could be.

So yeah, in March, Javier Alfonso and I began to talk about Tempranillo. He had some 2014 juice, all single-vineyard (Dineen, in Yakima Valley), all Tinta del Pais clone (the clone used predominantely in Ribera del Duero). In our first e-mail exchange, Javier said that “this clone and site produces Ribera del Duero styled wine with a high tannin content contributing structure and length,” and asked if I’d be interested in tasting the wine. You can guess what my answer was.

On April 18, I tasted the wine, was blown away, and immediately worked to secure the entire lot for our list. It was bottled August 10, delivered August 11, and offered September 9. About six months from concept to product.

A good portion of those six months was spent developing the name and packaging. Here’s what the label looks like. And here’s a bottle shot. [Ed note: I was lucky enough to meet our outstanding label designer Lindell Serrin through our mutual love for/obsession with Seattle Sounders FC (and specifically, through the comments section on Sounder at Heart). You may know them as the club that will be representing the western conference in MLS Cup 2016!]

“TEMP” came to my mind right away with this project. It’s Tempranillo of course. But Javier’s first e-mail also mentioned that this is likely a “temporary” opportunity (as in: one or maybe two vintages). And “temporal” is a fantastic word (yes, I have opinions about words), with two major meanings: first, of or relating to time. And second, relating to our worldly affairs.

To condense things, the basic concept behind this wine is: we only have so much time on this earth, so we might as well enjoy it. And this bottle can help!

The juice was raised in a mix of neutral and twice-filled barrels. It clocks in at 14.8% alc and begins with an attractive nose of dusty, leafy black fruit. Black plum and black cherry; tobacco leaf and dusty soil. A just right mix of earth and leaf and fruit. And then it’s the texture of this wine that really excites me. This is not the soft side of Tempranillo. This Tinta del Pais clone is burly, muscular, a real powerhouse, with serious tannic scaffolding. Tempranillo with Cabernet structure. But those tannins aren’t mean or aggro; they’re polished, fine-grained, offering perfect texture to complement all sorts of meals as we move into autumn and winter. Tempranillo is the wine for braising weather: for days indoors slow-cooking a tough piece of protein into something supple and delicious. Pot roasts and short ribs and oxtails. Big messes of root veggies and potatoes.

First come first served with no upper limit, and the wine is in the warehouse and ready for immediate pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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