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Hello friends. Today’s offer was not meant for today. Today’s wine was meant to be our first offer of 2017, on January 8. Traditionally, January is a very good month for offering $10-$15 wines. It’s the month when the December credit card bill arrives, we all do a collective spit-take, and frantically make resolutions about no more $50 wine purchases.

The problem we’ve run into is that this particular wine is going to be sold out by January 8. This wine’s Seattle reps are hell-bent on launching a new vintage, with a full re-brand, in 2017, so their goal is to make the current vintage disappear by the end of 2016, a goal they’re achieving via a sizeable discount. Our options were to help in that endeavor (and take advantage of that discount), or to be passed over.

2014 m100 Red (Fidelitas)

I guess you know by now which option I chose. The thing is: I think offering an inexpensive wine in late December actually makes a little sense. Think of it as counterprogramming. We’re all going to need reliable Tuesday night wines in January, so why not secure the bottles now, pick them up this week or in early January, and have them available for weeknight pleasure all throughout the remainder of winter.

I love the “red wine” category. Why? Because it rewards homework, and we’re good at homework here at Full Pull. Some red wine is plonk: cast-off, declassified dreck that would have been better off poured down a drain. But some red wine is 80% Cabernet Sauvignon from Gamache and Weinbau Vineyards (the remainder: Gamache Merlot and Cab Franc, Weinbau Malbec), made with care by Charlie Hoppes and his team at Wine Boss.

I didn’t learn all that until I tasted the wine, thought it was a knockout for the price point, and began to go down the research rabbit hole. I also learned that this is not m100’s normal price point, which is typically in the high teens. The Fidelitas team is planning a major re-brand for this wine beginning with the 2015 vintage, and they’re eager to see the remaining 2014 disappear; hence the 12.99 tag today.

It clocks in at 14.7% listed alc and begins with a nose of deep dark blackcurrant and raspberry fruit and loamy soil, all swaddled in woodsmoke and cocoa-powder barrel tones. “Charlie house style for sure” is the first palate note in my book, and by that I mean brawny, powerful, richly-fruited Cabernet with plenty of smoky/espressoey threads throughout. It’s all lush Cab fruit on the attack; all burly earthy structure on the back end. The finish has length and toothsome green-tea charm to spare at this price point. The overall package is a charmer, bringing terrific pleasure at such a moderate tag. Great in January. Great in December.

Please limit order requests to 24 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine will arrive on Tuesday and be available during our final two pickup days of the year and thereafter, or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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