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Hello friends. The saying goes, ask and you shall receive. We’re all about rewarding good behavior here at Full Pull—and we’ve heard you loud and clear. This is our third official “Constituent Services” e-mail, where we respond to the squeaky-wheel list members who continue asking for more white and sparkling wines (and of course, rosé!). After a full six-pack of light vinos offered in April, we’re back with two lovely Washington whites, a list-favorite rosé, and a special occasion sparkler.

2016 Palencia Sauvignon Blanc

This buzzy Eastern Washington favorite has been getting a good deal of press over the mountains—with glowing review after glowing review from Great Northwest Wines—and has just recently obtained distribution on this side of the Cascades.

Palencia is a result of the hard work and passion of Victor Palencia, who started working in vineyards while he was barely a teenager. Born in Michoacán, Mexico, Victor moved to Washington in the mid-eighties, where his father worked in the mint fields of Prosser. At 14, he began working for David Minnick, of Willow Crest Winery, a relationship that still exists and influences Palencia’s craft to this day.

Palencia shows a true sense terroir and lifelong passion for viticulture through all of his wines. In Victor’s own words: “[at Palencia] we dig deep; I want to bring site distinction into every bottle by sourcing our grapes from some of Washington’s most ambitious vineyards” Every wine Victor makes shows his love and respect for the land.

Finding a Sauvignon Blanc to love from Washington can be a bit of a task. Palencia’s 2016 is the perfect example of what Sauvignon Blanc from our part of the world should be. All coming from the Frenchman Hills Vineyard in Columbia Valley, the Sauv. Blanc opens with an aromatic punch. Juicy stone fruit, citrus, and pear envelope you as you think, this is going to be good. The palate zips with acidity, but feels balanced from a combination of Hungarian oak and tank fermentation that adds a hint of richness. This is a truly summer wine—perfect for Pacific northwest seafood and patio sipping.

2016 Palencia Albarino 

This Albariño follows the path of Palencia’s Sauv. Blanc—it was made for sunny day imbibing. A refreshing nose of honeydew melon, freshly sliced green apple, banana, and a touch of floral spice. The palate has a strong acid backbone, but the star is the fruit—the melon and apple from the nose with the addition of peach. A touch of Hungarian oak gives this wine a subtle, supple nuttiness to balance the acid. The finish is long and dry.

2016 Syncline Rose

Syncline is a well-loved winery here at Full Pull. To quote Paul in a previous offer: Without question I consider James and Poppie Mantone’s Syncline to be in the upper echelon of Washington wineries. They’ve proven it vintage after vintage with consistent expressions of freshness, purity, and transparency. If others overlook them in discussions of best Washington wineries, I can only chalk that up to Syncline’s out-of-the-way location in the Columbia Gorge.

We were recently told that it was either offer this uber popular rosé now or never, because it will not last the summer. Not offering this particular rosé was not an option—long-time list members will remember, the 2009 Syncline Rosé was the first rosé ever offered by Full Pull. That was the summer of 2010 and we haven’t missed a year yet—and definitely aren’t going to start now.

This Rhone rosé boasts a blend of 35% Cinsault, 35% Grenache, and 30% Mourvedre, all from McKinley Springs Vineyard in the the Horse Heaven Hills. The grapes are designated for rosé, hand harvested early at lower brix for to keep it crisp and dry (the way rosé should be.) The color is an inviting, almost translucent salmon pink and the wine opens with aromatics that match—strawberries, watermelon, lemon zest, and grapefruit. The palate mixes fresh fruit and juicy, mouthwatering acidity, creating a supremely complex yet crisp feel. The finish continues dry as can be. This is a rosé made for food—a mean, stinky cheese plate, cold sesame soba noodles, porchetta sandwiches on a picnic bench in the sun.

This will probably be the only chance to get this wine, so be sure to purchase accordingly.

2015 Naveran Brut Vintage Cava

The minute I heard the phrase, “vintage growers’ cava,” I was hooked on Naveran. It’s important to always have a bottle of bubbles on hand—and we’ve grown to learn that there are so many hidden gems coming from Spain that taste great and make our wallets reasonably happy. A quality vintage bottle from a Champagne vigneron (grape grower) would easily cost you $50 or more. Here, you get all the perks of the champagne method, and a high quality vintage, for a fraction of the cost.

The Naveran family has been making this terroir-driven sparkling wine since 1901, and have practically perfected showing off their estate’s grapes. This estate-bottled vintage is made from three indigenous grapes from the region, Xarello, Macabeo, and Parellada. This blend uses the three different grapes for specific reasons—Xarello contributes body, Macabeo adds aromatics, and Parellada provides zippy acidity.

It’s a delicious bottle of bubbles that leads with a nose of citrusy lemon and lime, tart green apple fruit, and crushed-stone minerality. The palate is focused with mouthwatering acidity and a twinge of spice. The bubbles are fine and plentiful. At 11.5% alc, this wine might just be the perfect celebratory aperitif, but is also suited nicely for drinking at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Soft cheeses, croissants, kale salads, roasted chicken, the list of potential pairings goes on and on.

First come first served up to 48 bottles, mix and match as you like, and the wines should arrive in a week or two, at which point they will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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