Full Pull Aged Chardonnay

Hello friends. We have a very special opportunity today. It’s rare enough to access cellar-aged Chardonnay from anyplace in the world, but this comes from our backyard, from one of the finest white wine vineyards in Washington. Better yet: we’re able to put it under our private label, which means we can offer it for an accessible price that invites experimentation:

2007 Full Pull & Friends Chardonnay (FPF-22)

To keep some semblance of anonymity, we bottled this with a generic Columbia Valley label. But I can tell you that it is single-vineyard juice, and that particular vineyard is one of the two that I always mention as Washington’s best sites for white wines (hint: it isn’t Evergreen).

Most of the FP&F wines we have done over the years come from purchased barrels. That’s obviously not the case here. This was bottled long ago, and bottled into “shiners,” wine-speak for unlabeled bottles. Now, you might be asking yourself why a winery would be sitting on enough shiners of ten-year-old Chardonnay to support a Full Pull offer. The answer: I don’t know. This comes from a fairly tight-lipped winery, and they’re interested in maintaining anonymity, so the information flow is minimal.

Do you want me to speculate? Yes, you probably want me to speculate. Okay, here are three 100%-speculative theories on how this could happen:

Theory 1: Inventory mishap
Somebody miscounted something in a warehouse at some point, and these cases were essentially “lost” for years, until recently, when an employee did a physical inventory and unearthed a bunch of old Chardonnay. Gulp! What are we going to do with this Chard? Call Full Pull.

Theory 2: Library project gone sideways
At one point, someone decided they should set aside a significant amount of Chardonnay and release it as a library wine to showcase how successful Washington Chardonnay can be with some bottle age. Then a new regime came on board, hated that idea, and wanted to unload the juice. Call Full Pull.

Theory 3: Lapsed Commitment
A few years ago, some entity (think out of state distributor or large restaurant group) committed to a large amount of 2007 Chardonnay, but they wanted it labeled and sold over time. At some point, the wine wasn’t selling as well as expected, and the entity reneged, leaving the winery with a bunch of unsold Chard. Call Full Pull!

Ultimately, I suspect most of you will feel the same way I do, which is: who cares which, if any, of these theories is true? If we can access excellent decade-old Chardonnay and offer it for twenty bucks, maybe we don’t need to know every single detail.

This clocks in at 13.8% alc and offers a nose that screams mature Chardonnay, with hazelnut and earthy/mushroomy savory tones galore, beautifully balancing a core of creamy stone fruit (peaches, nectarines) and citrus (lemon curd). As you have probably already surmised from the listed alc, this was harvested right on time from a cool-climate vineyard, and it comes from a vintage widely hailed as Washington’s best of the first decade of the 2000s. What we end up with is a Chardonnay maturing perfectly, with plenty of bright acidity framing a core of creamy fruit, still quite primary, and a just-right foil to all the savory tertiary tones emerging.

These types of opportunities come along, I dunno, say once every five years. So I did go long here, purchasing every single bottle still available. Even if we don’t sell through this entire parcel on first offer, it’ll be a thrill-ride watching this one continue to evolve, and I’ll happily reoffer it a few more times over the course of the coming years. Please limit order requests to 12 bottles, and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wine is in the warehouse and ready for immediate pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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