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Today we’re offering a pair of wines from Full Pull favorite (and list member himself), Kevin White. Over the last five years, Kevin White has moved from a buzzy, rising star of Washington to one of the truly tested and consistently high-quality producers of our state. This year, in his fifth release of La Fraternité and En Hommage, Kevin White has continued to solidify his ranking in Washington winemaking, and according to well-placed sources, both of these wines will be receiving 93pt reviews from Sean Sullivan in the September issue of Wine Enthusiast. It’s a rarity to see 93pt reviews from Sean for wines in the $20s—but, that’s the story of Kevin White. He makes ridiculously nice wines at prices that are pretty unusual. Lucky for all of us.

2015 Kevin White La Fraternite 

This wine has always been an unreal value. This year, the blend continues with mostly (60%) Grenache from Upland Vineyard, followed by some (33%) Mourvèdre, and a little (7%) Syrah, both from Boushey Vineyard. Before even tasting this wine, you know it’s going to be one to reckon with. Upland and Boushey are both vineyards to write home about—most winemakers hope to use at least one of these names on their label, and Kevin White gets to boast fruit from both.

La Fraternité opens with bright, fresh red fruit—raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and cherry pie—followed by floral lilac and violet (a marker of Upland Vineyard Grenache if there ever was one), gravel minerality, and green, leafy spices and herbs from the Mourvedre. Medium bodied on the palate, fruit, floral, and spice continue with fresh acidity and a silky-smooth mouthfeel. The finish is lingering and bright. La Fraternité is a crowd pleaser of a wine, especially at this price point, with more than enough complexity to interest those of us who like to think about our wines. Pair it with everything from roasted chicken to fatty fish or burgers. It would be a perfect dinner companion for lightly seared tuna, grilled salmon, and smoked pork ribs.

2015 Kevin White En Hommage 

Three years running, En Hommage is 100% Syrah and says so right on the label. Using two of the same vineyards from the last two vintages, this wine shows off the quality fruit from Olsen and Elephant Mountain Vineyards. This year, Kevin adds Boushey to the mix, as well, continuing the tradition of top-tier Yakima vineyards throughout his Syrah.

What has now become a tell-tale sign of Kevin White’s Syrah, this bottling opens with a wonderfully dark Washington Syrah profile—that winning combination of black currants and plum; black pepper and olive; and tar and smoke. The nose also carries subtleties of crushed violet and salty pork fat. On the palate, this combination of blue and black fruit and savory spice continues, lifted with bright, mineral-driven acidity. Refined tannins lead to a smooth, yet substantial, finish. This wine is wildly pleasurable and would be ideally paired with lamb chops, all sorts of barbeque, grilled flank steak with house-made chimichurri, and anything served with a sauce that was simmered all day.

Please limit order requests to 12 bottles total (mix and match as you like), and we’ll do our best to fulfill all requests. The wines should arrive in a week or two, at which point they will be ready for pickup or shipping during the next temperature-appropriate shipping window.

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